Empower a Woman Uganda's geographical coverage is Kampala District, however Kampala District is engulfed by Mukono Kayunga, Wakiso districts. These areas are reached by Family Tracing and Resettlement, Child advocacy and community outreach, sustainable farming and natural resource management, development training and research, formal and non-formal education, HIV/AIDS and community health. Empower a Woman Uganda trains women in other places hence other districts are reached by that process national wide.

The Direct beneficiaries of Empower a Woman Uganda programmes are vulnerable women, children, out-of-school youth and children who are working in hazardous conditions. Empower a Woman Uganda's activities are Preventive and Rehabilitative in nature. Hence, both preventive and rehabilitative approaches are used. A wide range of activities are undertaken by Empower a Woman Uganda:

1.3.1  Preventive Activities: These include reaching out vulnerable children and out-of-school youth in their ca-coons, and through carryout counseling sessions and sensitization on different issues.
1.3.2  Community mobilization and the training on child and youth related issues as stipulated in UN convention on the rights of the child and the Ugandan youth policy.
1.3.3  Training the out-of-school (vulnerable children, out-of-school youth) aged 15 and above, in vocational training and life skills.
1.3.4  Coordinating and supporting campaigns and actions on women child and youths rights both at National and community levels.
1.3.6  Publication on children/youth experiences.
1.3.7  Education support by paying fees and stationery for vulnerable children both at primary and secondary levels in the operational areas of Empower a Woman Uganda.
1.3.8  Empowering the girl-child and women youth groups in business management skills.

1.4 Rehabilitation Activities

These include mainly:
1.4.1  Resettlement and re-integration of out-of-school youth and vulnerable children within the communities or their families before and after training.
1.4.2  Vocational skills training and Life skills.
1.4.3  Post training and group formations for the trained women.
1.4.4  Financial support to some of the trained women to start their own businesses/enterprises for self-sustenance.