About Us

Empower a woman Uganda is a registered Non Government Organization registered under No.8635 based in Mutungo Zone 3. The organization started as a community based organization and it graduated in a non-governmental organization. The main aim of forming this organization was basically to empower a woman for self-reliance. This is achieved through skills development trainings. Since its formation, empower a woman Uganda has been training both women and younger people in different skills which has led to some extent self-reliance with in the community through job creation, formation of small scale industries by our trainees. In our organization we believe in an empowered woman and community that is not redundant, a community that is self-reliant where by everyone has something to do to leave a normal life. We believe in someone having something that adds value to ahome and always not depending on a man. In the training of these skills, a person can use them to earn a living.

Empower a Woman Uganda seeks to uplift women and the youth to realize their full potential and touch the lives of others at the grassroot level in order to create positive change and to improve the standards of living in the communities. The group which started in 2006 with 10 members, now boasts of about 53 active members across different districts of Uganda, engaged in various income generating activities like; art and crafts, small-scale industries and farming. Our focus now is to reachout to people in Uganda, East Africa and then to other countries in Africa by the year 2022.

Our Objectives;

  • Equipping women and their communities with practical skills such as; beading, weaving, knitting, candle making, baking, tailoring, farming etc.
  • Improving household incomes of  women through boosting skills such as; art and crafts, small-scale industries and farming .
  • Promoting values among women,  youth, elderly both single and the married through counselling and organised conferences.
  •  Building morals among women, youth  and their communities, to avoid challenges  such as; HIV/AIDS abstinence, drug abuse and domestic violence.
  •  Out sourcing market opportunities for the finished products of women and their communities, both local and international.

Our trainings

• Tailoring and fashion ware
• Art and craft
• Paper bag making
• Soap making / candle

Our development goal

A generation of joyfully empowered women committed to work together and to reach out to vulnerable throughout Uganda, Africa and the entire world.